October 18, 2021
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Office of Education is one of the key offices in the university and has a crucial role in making a connection between university on the one hand and students and instructors on the other. The most important duties of Office of Education include: the implementation of policies ratified by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the implementation of regulations of Islamic Azad University as well as educational directives, improving quantity and quality of educational activities and supervising educational activities of colleges and departments in order to coordinate various activities, guiding students from the time that they enter into the university until their graduation

Offering educational programs and scientific services to students and also planning for growth and development in the university is another activity of Office of Education. Throughout the years of study in the university, students have continuous contact with Office of Education. An efficient planning in this section of university paves the way for students to study more effectively during the years of their study in university. Office of Education in Islamic Azad University of Dezful is doing its best to improve its educational activities by directing and activating educational groups, employing experienced instructors, investigating and exchanging views about educational problems, and offering necessary directives.

The most important programs, activities, strategies, and objectives of Office of Education of Islamic Azad University of Dezful

1. Improving the position of Islamic Azad University of Dezful at national and international levels and proving its high quality as a prestigious university in the world

2. Continuous and meticulous implementation of all laws and regulations in all aspects of education

3. Meeting educational problems of students

4. Improving quantity and quality of education and promoting scientific and professional ethics in order to produce graduates with higher degrees of professionalism

5. Strengthening values among academics and making professors, students, and parents more satisfied with offered services

6. Planning for public gatherings, educational programs, and cultural programs such as celebrations

7. Planning and continuous supervising of members of scientific boards

8. Creating new strategic courses at post graduate and doctoral levels that meet the needs of society with an emphasis on efficiency of education and new scientific findings

9. Increasing the share of Islamic Azad University of Dezful in the production of knowledge and playing an effective role in the development of the country

10. Focusing on students’ active role in the society and improving their analytical thinking

11. Holding educational workshops in order to make experts and directors familiar with new educational regulations (re-training)

12. Holding meetings with representatives of informatics center of university

13. Preparing and executing educational programs

14. Inauguration of new interdisciplinary courses

15. Conducting short-term educational courses

16. Changing instructor-based educational system and creating a student-based educational system by giving research projects to students

17. Holding meetings in order to present suggestions and improve quality of education

18. Continuous evaluation of progress among students

19. Making any attempt in order to produce highly-efficient and committed graduates who employ their capabilities to improve society in terms of both materialistic aspects and spiritual values

20. Implementing group-based policies by activating educational groups

21. Building a data base for professors and instructors

22. Providing regulations and directives for improving the quality of procedures by which students are accepted

23. Holding public-student meetings in order to listen to students’ complaints and problems and also problems of those who participate in university entrance examination

24. Strengthening culture of responsibility in the Office of Education

25. Systemic evaluation of members of scientific boards and providing them with feedback

26. Announcing the capacities of acceptance in PhD, non-continuous post graduate, and graduate entrance examinations

27. Investigating and solving educational problems in the university

28. Creating committees for the inauguration of new courses and the development of PhD courses in order to improve their quality on the basis of higher education objectives

29. Preparing the ground for holding a national conference on education and research in education

30. Creating an assembly of students for exchanging views

31. Improving quality of educational calendar of university

32. Developing human resources in the office of education

33. Planning and supervising the implementation of educational regulations and making any attempt to improve quality of education through University Educational Assembly.

34. Continuous re-evaluation of educational system with the aim of correcting the inefficiencies and improving quality of educational system

35. Cooperation and exchange of views among religious schools and universities

36. Studying the possibility of online and electronic education as a new method of education in the world

37. Preparing the ground for entrance exams for PhD, non-continuous post graduate, continuous graduate, non-continuous graduate, and dentistry

38. The necessity of paying more attention to the efficiency of graduates

39. Improving the scientific and social positions of students and providing the necessary tools of welfare and physical and psychological health in order to revitalize national and religious identity of society and promote creativity among students

40. Promoting rationality and justice in the Office of Education of university

41. Listening to the views of highly-efficient academics and using their suggestions in decision-making processes

42. Making any attempt to employ the most efficient and the most committed experts for scientific boards


Heads of Office of Education in Islamic Azad University of Dezful



Field and level of study


Gholam Hussein Elham-pour

M.A in Educational Sciences


Mohammad Samimi-far

M.A in Educational Sciences


Behrooz Baghban-zadeh

M.S in Physics


Masoud Kheradmand-pour

M.A in Persian Language and Literature


Farbod Fotohi

PhD in Plant Physiology


Behrooz Baghban-zadeh

M.S in Physics


Seyyed Ali Ashrafi-zadeh

M.E in Chemical Engineering


Mohammad Reza Ghalamboran

M.E in Agronomy


Farbod Fotohi

PhD in Plant Physiology


Morteza Badakhshan

PhD in Arabic Language and Literature


Masoud Kheradmand-pour

M.A in Persian Language and Literature


Abdol-Amir Risheh



Iman Attar-zadeh

PhD in Computer Engineering


Masoud Beytaneh

PhD in Law


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