June 20, 2018
Islamic Azad University Of Dezful
President Welcome



  Dr Naser Seraj Khorami

President Welcome

Islamic Azad University of Dezful was established in 1987 in a city with a history of several thousand years of culture and civilization. The first Elamite Empire, which was the first government in Iran, was established in the current location of Dezful.

The establishment of great Academy of Jundishapur is one of indications that show the interest of people of this region in knowledge and science. This academy shines like a gem in the history of academies of the world. The presence of ancient buildings in this area shows the knowledge of people and their active life at that period of time. The presence of the world’s oldest bridge in this area is a proof for this claim. The establishment of Islamic Azad University of Dezful can be regarded as the continuation of this cultural and scientific movement.

This university has Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, and Faculty of Agronomy. Various courses are taught in this university, including ten PhD courses, forty three post graduate courses, thirty six continuous under graduate courses, nineteen non-continuous under graduate courses, and eighteen associate degree courses. There are a number of workshops, laboratories, as well as open and closed athletic arenas in this university, which have created a lively environment for lovers of knowledge and culture.

Persistent attempts have been made to improve the quality and quantity of educational, research, and athletic units of this university. Establishing a clinic, developing athletic facilities at national level (such as athletic hotel, standard swimming pool, etc), developing workshops and laboratories, developing agriculture by modern methods, and establishing the Town of Shafa (as the research pole of Khuzestan) promise a brilliant future for this university

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Islamic Azad University Of Dezful
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