October 18, 2021
Islamic Azad University Of Dezful
Civil Administration
Introduction to the Vice-presidency for Development
One of the active divisions of Islamic Azad University of Dezful is the vice-presidency  for development that claims a large share in the dissemination of physical and educational space, and makes the outcomes of its activities fruitful in specific time intervals. This vice-presidency, currently, has several large development projects under construction, including Hangard large sport complex, amphitheater, etc. The vice-presidency advances it activities with an extensive infrastructure to increase the quality of education, research and sport.
Projects that were employed in 2013:
·        Construction of Chahar Bagh-e Mouod Street and landscaping area of 740 square meters;
·        Construction of the martyrs memorial monument located in Mouod mosque of the university;
·        Reconstruction of the staff and faculty self-service area of 200 square meters at the central site of the university;
·        Operations to create new space area of 250 square meters at the vice-presidency for education;
·        Replacement of Chahar Bolouk light and heavy sewage in Kosar dormitory;
·        Change of girls’ self-service area into three parts of property warehouse, shop and exhibition hall;
·        Provision of the communication path to pass the central site’s communication cable and non-drinking water to Azadegan eucational campus;
·        Preparation of some lands of Azadegan educational campus for cultivation of medicinal plants;
·        Provisin of water supply for the cultivation of medicinal plants in Azadegan educational campus;
·        Performing the necessary repairs in buildings and thoroughfares of the university;
·        Creating the space for vermicompost and raising quail in the Agriculture Faculty of Azadegan educational campus.
Projects underway:
·        Bidding the landscaping around the buildings in Azadegan educational campus;
·        Bidding the construction of industrial greenhouse area of 800 square meters in Azadegan educational campus;
·        Pursuing the pool construction project from the vice-presidency for development of the Central Organization;
·        Following up for getting the license of fencing the lands adjacent to the main site and the 20-acre land of the university;
·        Painting of the buildings and the campus situated in the central site and Azadegan educational complex and Kosar dormitory with a meterage of 25000 square meters;
·        Making the minor and general repairs of the university buildings;
·        Provision of self-service for the distribution of food to the students, staff and faculty members of Azadegan educational campus;
·        Development of the communication Network of the university, upgrading of the RX608 central routing device from 312 to 512 internal lines, and development of the phone lines of Azadegan educational campus and connecting them to the central telecommunications of the central site;
·        Repairing and restoration of all the telecommunication cabling lines of the Engineering Faculty;
·        Repairing and maintenance of water, electricity and telecommunication systems and doing the welding works at the unit level.
Development Vice-presidents of Dezful Branch from the Past up to Now



Degree and Major


Mehdi Hajian

Master of Business Administration


Hossein Tajalifar

Bachelor of Mathematics


Shayan Sabzivand

Master of Civil Engineering


Hooshang Maktabi

Master of Mathematics


Abdorrahim Zahertahan

Master of Civil Engineering


Mohammad Hossein Osareh

Master of Architecture Engineering


Mohammad Hassan Ayazi

Master of Civil Engineering


Abdorrahim Zahertahan

Master of Civil Engineering


Mojtaba Zargarzadeh

Master of Architecture Engineering

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