October 18, 2021
Islamic Azad University Of Dezful
Research administration
Introduction to the deputy
Research is one of the fundamental objectives of universities about which this deputy provides scientific and technical guidelines with the aim of developing and expanding research in higher education.
The main organizational functions of this deputy are:
Undertaking necessary investigations bout the administrative issues, monitoring and evaluating research performance of the university, planning and implementing strategies for submitting articles and research papers written by faculty members in scientific communities inside and outside the country,  and even study opportunities, approval and cooperation in order to carry out research projects within and outside the university, linking university to industries and other educational institutions through signing mutual cooperation agreements and implementing projects out of university, publishing books by members of faculty, supervising library activities and information databases, equipping university with required utilities and infrastructures with the aim of prompting education and research quality, applying information technology and supplying services, software and hardware as well as providing a network infrastructure to provide various automation services (online course selection, financial office, library, internet services, etc.), holding meetings of the Research Council, the Council of Publication and the Council of Managers of the University, supporting research activities of student in form of scientific associations and young researchersclubs, providing short-term and long-term research programs, investigating and evaluating budget performance and comparing it with organizations’ programs, implementing fiscal policies set by central organization of university, evaluating all presented plans and programs and their analysis, analyzing data needed to formulate and regulate plans of university and recognizing statistical indicators of university, annual evaluation of programs developed in the university, undertakings necessary studies to identify opportunities and needs pertinent to programs of university, presenting new projects in order to provide qualitative and quantitative development of the academic departments and so on.
There are three councils in this deputy: 
1. Research Council
2. Publication Council
3. Council of Research Directors
Research Council:
The research council consists of 1 - Research Assistant as the President of the Council, 2 - Research Director, as the Secretary of the Council, 3 - five to seven faculty members with doctoral degrees. The Council monitors the research activities of faculty members, students and staff. Among the activities of this council are research projects at the level of department, proposals or thesis of postgraduate students, local, regional, national and international seminars and conferences, training workshops for faculty members, academic lectures, supervision of the activities of scientific associations and clubs for students and young researchers and so on.
Publication Council:
 The members of Publication Council include:
1. Research Assistant of the unit as the President of the Council,
2. Research Director as the Secretary of the Council,
3. Training Assistant of the Department,
4. Three faculty members with sufficient experience pertinent to publishing.
Some of theresponsibilities and functions of the Council are: examining and approving the publication of the proposed books, assigning an arbiter forevaluating the proposed books as well as the reviews and comments of referees, determining the fee of authors, revising referees and translators based on tariffs approved by the Islamic Azad University and so on.
Council of Research Directors:
1 - Research Assistant as the President of the Council
2 - Director of Research Affairs as the Secretary of the Council
3 - Head of ICT Unit
4 - Director of Plans, Programs and Budget
5 - Director of the Relations with Industries and Society
This Council supervises the planning and proper execution of the research department regulations.
Deputy of Research and Technologyof Dezful Branch:
Currently, Dr. Hassan Barati holds the position ofDeputy of Research and Technology of Dezful. He has a PhD in Electric Power and is a faculty member of Electrical Department of Engineering Faculty of Dezful branch.
Hassan Barati
Deputy of Research and Technology of Dezful Branch
 Email Barati216@gmail.com
Tel: 6262090-0641 - extension: 414
Tel: 414-6260601-0641- extension: 414
Ph.D. in Electrical Power
Islamic Azad University Of Dezful
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