October 18, 2021
Islamic Azad University Of Dezful
Faculty Of Basic Sciences

Faculty of Basic Sciences

Islamic Azad University, Dezful Branch



The faculty of Basic Sciences was founded in 2013 in Dr Hesabi building, Islamic Azad University, Dezful branch. It has four departments falling into different majors at a variety of levels:

Department of Mathematics (BS in Pure Mathematics, Bachelor of Mathematics and Applications, Discontinuous BS course in Mathematics Education, Associate Degree in Teacher Training of Mathematics Education.

Department of Physics (BS in Physics)

Department of Chemistry (BS in Pure Chemistry, BA in Chemistry, IT)

Department of Experimental Sciences (BS in Geology, Discontinuous BS course in Experimental Sciences Education, Associate Degree in Teacher Training of Experimental Sciences).


IMG_6535.JPGCurrently, this faculty includes 10 fields, 51 full-time faculty members, 65 visiting lecturers, 700 students and 13 employees. The facilities include a computers-equipped site, a dedicated conference hall, a library, a reading room and training classes with good audio-visual facilities. It also consists of some laboratories such as physics Laboratory 1 and 2, Optics Laboratory, Modern Physics Laboratory, General Chemistry Laboratory, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Inorganic Chemistry and Physics Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory of Instrumental Analysis, Biology Laboratory, Geology Laboratory, which have a high quality. The current dean of basic sciences faculty is Behrooz Baghban Zadeh and Mohammad Badrooj, Mehdi Basi Khasteh, Nader Rostami Zadeh, Hami Farid Yusefi, Ali Shahidi Kia and Zahra Khoshnood are deputy dean for education, deputy dean in research, head of department of chemistry, head of department of physics, head of department of mathematics and head of department of experimental sciences respectively.

Email :science@iaud.ac.ir  

Islamic Azad University Of Dezful
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