October 18, 2021
Islamic Azad University Of Dezful
Student Administration

Introduction to student administration

The most important functions of student administration include solving the different problems of students.

Sections under the cover of student administration

1.      Alumni administration: Alumni administration is one of the most important sections of the university. The duty of the administration is to deal with and finalize the educational profile of students, which if proceeds successfully will lead to the issuing of a temporary graduation certificate and subsequently a final certificate. This organ is also in charge of answering all educational inquiries made by different organizations and universities. Besides, providing score sheets and introducing tops students for continuing their education without taking the university entrance exam. From the very beginning, almost 50000 graduate and undergraduate students have graduated from the university. This administration is now under the management of Ms. Maryam Farzadian.


2.      Military service section: the main duty of this section is to deal with the military service status of the admitted male students and to give them education exemption certificate. This part also should consider the educational duration of male students to annul or expand their education exemption. Alumni and expelled students are introduced to military service organizations by this section. Mr. Mohammad KazemJalilian is now in charge of this section.


3.      Food administration: this administration has the duty of supervising the university restaurants, cooking one meal per day and issuing food electronic cards for students, employees and professors. On average, almost 1500 individual use food provided by this section daily. Two restaurants with 1500 mm and 700 mm are designed for male and female students respectively. Each restaurant has separate buffets and the students are given free access to wireless internet. Mr. MehrzadFazlinia is the manager of this administration.


4.      Dormitory affairs administration: This organization has the duty of supervising the performance of contractor that should manage Kowsar and Andishe dormitories as well as private dorms. Presently, Azad university of Dezful possesses two dormitories for male and female student with the capacity of 580 and 1000 student respectively. Mr. Mohammad Ali Motaharri is now in charge of this administration.


5.      Advice Bureau: The duty of this section is to overcome the problems of the students and to provide them with free guidelines and expert consultation. This bureau is open 7 days a week, and it consists of a team of experts whose goal is to provide consultation to the students with regard to their job, family, emotions etc. Mr. Ali Pejhan is in charge of this section.


6.      Transfer administration: Analyzing the inquiries of Dezful studentsto move temporarily (as guest students) or permanently to another university. Mr. Ali Hamidi Rad is now in charge of this section.


7.      Extracurricular and physical education administration: Forming sport teams, supervising and holding sport competitions in and out of the university are among the responsibilities of this administration. For the time being, this section is controlled by Mr. Mohammad Ali Izadian.


8.      Transportation means and service: Making contract with bus drivers organization of Dezful and overseeing the activities of transportation system are under the direct supervision of the manager of student affair.Now, 5 buses are used to transfer students from Kowsar and Andishe Dormitories to the university and vice versa.The transportation system also is responsible for moving the student between the main university site and Pardis Azadegan.


9.      Student ceremonies: holding graduation parties and introductionceremoniesfor the fresh students are among the duties of this organ which is directly supervised by student affair administration.


The current programs of Student Affair Administration

Presently, implementation of the second phase of alumni archive automation is in process. Water and sewage systems of Kowsar dormitory is under improvement. It is being renovated and water valves are under repair.

Future plans of student affair section are as follows:

1.      Providing integrated automation software for the alumni and forming computerized data bases for the purpose of increasing the speed and reducing the physical space of the archive.

2.      Changing the place of advice bureau from the engineering building to the present building of asset organizations

3.      Providing high-speed wireless internet for the students of Kowsar dormitory

4.      The renovation of blocks 1, 5 and 6 in Kowsar dorm

5.      Building a dormitory town in a twenty-hectare complex located in Mehrshahr, Dezful.


Student affair administration, Dezful



University degree


Mr. Masoud Kheradmandpour

PhD in Language and Literature


Dr. Seyyed Ali FazelZade

PhD in Agriculture



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